Other than for watching, windows add a touch of style to the exterior of your home or any building. There isn’t any space without a window. Light and ventilation enter through a window. Windows complete the overall look of a building. If you are planning on getting new windows or having your current one renovated, then this list of common windows might be of some help.

1. Slider Window

This type of window slides sideways to open and close. It offers an abundant view and ventilation. The only drawback is that it cannot be closed tightly. A slider window has a large surface area and is easy to use which makes it the perfect choice for Egress Window. Slider windows are not complicated and only require a few parts which makes them the most affordable type of window.

2. Bay Window

Bay windows were famous during the Renaissance Era in England. They are favored for allowing more light to enter from different angles. With bay windows, you can add a window seat or ornaments on the window sill.

3. Casement Window

Casement windows open out usually from the sides. They usually have large panels to allow plenty of light to enter a room. They offer more ventilation compared to other types and are very effective in sealing in the heat or coolness of a room.

4. Awning Window

An awning window is a casement window that opens vertically. It allows air to flow in and out and prevents rain or autumn leaves from getting inside the room.

5. Picture Window

This type has a large surface area and mostly doesn’t have locks or handles. This means that you cannot open or close it. This works best for rooms where airflow is not necessary. Because they don’t open or close, they are less prone to leakage. But the disadvantage is that they can lose or gain a considerably high heat more easily.

6. Double and Single Hung Window

There are two sashes present in a double and single hung window. The only difference is that a double hung window has both lower and upper sashes slide down. A single hung window has only the lower one operational. The double hung type is more advantageous for it has better ventilation. It can also be cleaned inside-out. The disadvantage of both though is that they can be prone to air leakage.

7. Jalousie Window

Jalousie windows have thin glass slats held by metal clips in each end. They can be opened and closed as one. They provide affordable resolution for areas with warm climates. But compared to other window types, they are less secure and offer limited views.

8. Fixed Window

This type does not open. Hence being called fixed. Aside from letting light in, they can be considered decorative. It can also be put on a door. This type is highly customizable and comes in different styles and sizes.

Windows are a must in every space. Careful considerations should be made depending on your preferences and the needs of the space. They are a great way to improve ventilation and lighting while adding security.