If you need certain tree work to be done, the natural tendency is to ask for quotes from several service providers and compare them to find the best deal. But going through several tree removal quotes and estimates is difficult because the prices of these services may differ by thousands of dollars.

If you want to find the best deal for your money, then you have to learn how to compare tree service quotes side by side. To do just that, you may have to call up the service provider and ask them these questions:

1. How much insurance coverage do you have?

Tree services are considered dangerous as the personnel will be working at heights. If the tree company is new, they might find it difficult to obtain liability and worker’s insurance. Even if they do, their coverage won’t be as high as the company with many years of experience in the business.

There are many things that an insurance company has to check first before giving a tree service provider insurance coverage. They need to have the tools and equipment for the job, not to mention the knowledge, training, and ability to handle difficult tree-related tasks in a safe manner.

2. How much damage will the tree removal work make?

Removing trees is a difficult job because it can affect a lot of things on your property, more particularly the grass, plants, other trees, and almost everything else that surrounds the area. Be sure to ask the service provider how they’ll go about the tree removal process and let them level with you all the possible damage that it will make. The damage and drop path will depend on how big the tree is.

Also, tree service providers will remove trees using heavy equipment. Such equipment will move back and forth on your lawn, thus damaging the grass. These are the eventualities that have to be cleared out with your service provider before doing anything.

3. Will you take away the debris?

Tree removal is not just difficult, it’s also messy. Some branches would have to be removed first to possibly minimize the drop path. After all those technicalities are taken care of, you might be wondering if the tree removal experts will take all the debris away or if it’s an added service. Be sure to clear up this detail with them and put everything in writing.

One of the most common value-added services for tree cutting is stump removal. You certainly have to pay separately for this one, as it is not usually part of the tree removal quote. This is because this service requires different equipment, such as the stump grinder.

4. How long will the service take?

Tree removal is not an easy job because everything needs to be precise. You should expect several hours’ worth of labor and service equipment rental for this service. This is one factor why removing large trees costs more than smaller trees. Discussing the length of the service with the tree company is crucial because this task is not something you can do during your coffee break.